Lenka & LenkaLenka typefaces

Lenka and LenkaLenka are both typefaces based on my handwriting. It was my project during my exchange stay at Central Saint Martin’s in London in a Fine art’s X-D pathway. My theme then was identity, how do we see ourselves as personalities, how do we share|guard|keep|create our identities. I was quite keen on doing series of photographs or drawings or performances, but my tutor picked the one idea that included creating a font, which I am now very grateful for (Eventhough their design quality is pretty debatable, it was a great experience and a good learning of new softwares). So I designed Lenka and put it on the internet for download on main type-sites, my blog, some art sharing sites and so on and thus losing a part of my own identity. Everyone can now type like I write, my personal script is no longer just mine. LenkaLenka is Lenka 2.0, updated version of Lenka typeface; it has all the basic Latin-1 characters and is overall bit tidier so I hope more pleasant to work with. Both fonts now include just one style which is stabilo (the pen/instrument I used to create these typefaces), I would very much like to do Lenka pencil and Lenka marker in the future and have a little font family of my own.