Lorem ipsum I.-V.

Lorem ipsum is a craft project I did to experiment with different types of historical binding types. Lorem ipsum I – V a.k.a The historical inspirations is a little different to the design works I did about|with|for|on|around books. It is a project that I did during my studies in the studio of artist’s book. These five guys are all based on historical types of bookbindings that are in my opinion most gorgeous. So I did my little hommage to all the old-time bookbinders and did these with slightly more actual materials. I did also a little brochure accompanying the books explaining my inspirations, describing the former bindings, what
I took form them and so on. My favourite is sure No. 3 the stripy one, inspired by bindings called amusingly “bag binding”. The cover of the book indeed creates a protective bag around the book block, and the overlapping bit of leather or cloth was just transforming the book into a little parcel, that monks or priests used to stick under his belt to carry the book by their side all the time.