minimal – identity

Minimal is a project I did as a school assignment, our task was to do a logo of our own music record company, LP record and advertising objects to support the record and the company itself. Minimal, Machinefabriek – Dauw
– record company Minimal is aimed on contemporary minimalistic and neo-classical music interprets (Nils frahm, Machinefabriek, Max Richter, Murcof…), it targets a very particular group of listeners, it doesn’t need to try to be popular
– Machinefabriek’s record Dauw is pure abstract music, the cover design is inspired by one particular sound in recorded music as well as the music over all, as it is very frangmentary, all the sounds are floating in the air, composing and decomposing again
– cover of the LP is design not to have a one single view possible, you can catch the cover from whichever corner and you’d still have the correct view
– the record itself insn’t divided into side A and side B, the playlist includes a track Singel which was meant to be published by itself, but wasn’t in the end, so one side is single and the other is dedicated to other tracks from the Dauw record
– advertising objects: – pure minimalistic black sphere with the company logo and company buttons for wider presentation